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Recommend a friend

There’s a real shortage of foster carers for Blackpool’s young people, and we want to do everything we can to change this situation. We’re hoping that you might know people in your community who would make great foster carers.

You know that friend who has a big heart, loves a busy home and is not afraid of a challenge? Well, we’d love to hear from them. Once your friend has completed the assessment process and has their first foster child come to stay with them, you'll receive £500 as a big thank you from us.

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Who are we looking for?

We’re keen to hear from foster carers from all walks of life who live in and around the Blackpool area. Single applicants are welcome, families with or without children, LGBTQ+ foster carers, applicants from the BAME community and those whose children have since left the family home. With a competitive financial reward package and brilliant training, they’ll be thanking you for years to come, all they need is a spare bedroom.

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You just need to remember...

Your friend will need to tell us that you referred them to ensure that you receive your reward.

Simply ask your friend to call us on 01253 420222 or email