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Our carers

Hear from our foster carers

Our foster carers are as diverse as the children they take care of and bring a wide range of life and work experiences.

One thing our foster carers do have in common however is a passion for transforming the lives of some of Blackpool’s most vulnerable children and young people.

Hear from our foster carers and find out what it is like to foster with us. 


Renata has been fostering with Blackpool Council for four years and has two sons. She has taken care of several sibling groups during this time.

Renata’s sons have been very positive about having foster children in the house and treat their fostered brothers and sisters as if they were just part of the family.

Find out why Renata decided to start fostering with us.



Diane has been fostering with us for around 17 years. She was working as a chef when she was called upon to help a group of children.

Diane started off fostering by looking after four siblings and has looked after many children across all ages but now tends to look after older children.

Hear from Diane as she tells us what it’s like to foster teenagers and young people.


Margaret and Graham

Margaret and Graham had thought about fostering for a long time before deciding to apply.

With three grown-up children and nine grandchildren, they are used to have a busy family home! The couple were approved as foster carers in May 2021 and have been looking after a teenager who is now 17.

We caught up with Margaret to find out more about their fostering journey.


Alison and Gary

Alison and Gary believe that fostering is one of the best things they have ever done.

They have been fostering since May 2021 and have helped a teenager make the move from a residential children’s home to their family home. The couple have a teenage son and have been enjoying lots of different family activities.

Listen to the couple share their experience on becoming foster carers.