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Fostering siblings

Fostering siblings with Blackpool Council's fostering service

A child's relationship with their brother or sister can be one of the most important they have in their life.

For children whose lives are turned upside down, staying with their brother or sister can be vital. Keeping siblings together can give them a sense of belonging and stability, and the opportunity to grow up together.

Foster carers who care for siblings often find it incredibly rewarding, especially when they consider that otherwise the siblings might have to be split up.

That’s why more foster carers like you are needed to ensure that the best match is available when siblings need a loving family.

By fostering siblings, you can help to maintain their relationship and make a real difference to the lives of brothers and sisters in need of foster care.

Of course, it may not always be in the best interests of siblings to be fostered together. Foster carers may be asked to support the children in a way that allows them to maintain contact with their brothers and sisters so they can continue to see one another and maintain a relationship.


If you’re thinking of fostering siblings, you will need to have a spare room for each child – unless they’re able to share – and have the time and energy to meet the needs of each individual.

You can foster sibling groups if you already have a child in care or your own children.

Your suitability to foster siblings will be looked at as part of our initial training and assessment to become a foster carer.

Don’t forget, foster carers can choose the type of fostering that is most suited to them and their family life. They can provide a child or children with a home for a few weeks, months or even years.

Support and training

Fostering more than one child might seem like a challenge but you'll receive exceptional training and support from our dedicated and trusted team.

There are specific challenges that may arise when fostering siblings including behavioural or emotional needs due to the impact of trauma that they have experienced. We will provide you with all the experience, skills, knowledge and support you’ll need.

You’ll be allocated a dedicated supervising social worker to offer dedicated support.

You’ll also benefit from a full package of support, including enhanced generous allowances, regular support groups, peer mentors for new carers and an out of hours support and advice line.

We would love to hear from you, contact us.