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Step down fostering

We need foster carers in Blackpool to help children move from a residential children’s home to a foster home. This is known as step down fostering.

A step down foster carer will help a child or young person adjust to moving from a residential children’s home to living in a stable and supportive family environment.

Living with a foster family can often make a huge improvement to a child’s life.

Making the move

There are lots of reasons why children may find themselves in residential care. It may be because some children need a period of stability before the possibility of foster care can be explored. Sometimes it’s simply because there are no foster carers available at the time when they need it.

Moving from a residential setting to a family home can be a difficult time for the child. They may have had difficult or traumatic life experiences such as severe neglect and abuse, which means that they may display complex and challenging behaviour.

You also need to be aware that they may have spent long periods living in a group setting rather than a cosy family home so empathy and understanding will be key.

Once they are considered ready to live in a family environment, a carefully planned process will be followed with a suitable foster carer.

Specific financial and practical support is provided to ensure that the relationship is secure and supported for both parties.

What you can offer

This type of fostering is particularly suitable for those with a background in childcare, social care, policing, teaching, youth work or previous experience of foster care.

Relevant experience can be helpful but we welcome all applicants and assess each application individually.

As a step down foster carer, you will need to be able to allow the young children to express their emotions.

Empathy is essential and you will need to be able to understand the child’s trauma and the advantages that they have missed out on in life.

As a step down foster carer, you should have a desire to help people, be able to see the positives where possible and be patient and resilient. Having a sense of humour helps too!

We are looking for people who:

  • Are over 21 years old
  • Have a spare room
  • Have one carer at home full-time
  • Are prepared to attend regular supervision sessions
  • Will commit to training and development

How we support you

You'll receive advanced training and support every step of the way, access to respite and your own allocated supervising social worker.

Our foster carers are given what’s known as therapeutic parenting training. This involves showing empathy and warmth towards a child and provides you with the skills to build lasting relationships with the child or young person you care for.

Step down fostering is considered as a specialist role which is why you’ll receive a generous weekly allowance to acknowledge the commitment required to this crucial role. You will be paid a professional fee of £750 a week plus a payment for child allowance.

For those new to fostering, step down foster carers are approved in the same way as other foster carers. Find out about the fostering process.

Want to know more?

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